Business Info - issue 134

THEWORKPLACE & TECHNOLOGY MAGAZINE FOR SMES WWW.BUSINESSINFOMAG.UK ISSUE134 Samsung CommunicationManager Series MAJOR FUNCTIONS & BENEFITS SPECIFICATIONS FUNCTION Benefit Straightforward Architecture • Single server architecture • SCMC accommodates up to 512 users • SCME accommodates up to 3000 users • Entire voice ecosystems consolidated into one interface Resiliency and High Availability SCMC • Dual PSU (optional) • Dual gig network ports SCME • High availabilitymodes: active-standby, active-active • Switchover cases: LAN cable down, SCM down or process down • Data synchronisation: Real-time, total sync or by command Integration • Integrated voicemail, auto attendant, email and access manager • Seamless integration for mobile phones into your voice network Call evaluation, feedback, results and audit reports • Unifiedmessaging • Conferencing • Mobile Extension (MOBEX) • Call move • Systemmonitoring • Call trace • WE VoIP • Supports SIP features (300+) andmultiple interfaces for 3rd party application connectivity DESCRIPTION Category Samsung Communication Manager Compact Samsung Communication Manager Express Capacity Users 512 3,000 Gateways 32 256 CPS 5 50 Concurrent Calls 150 1,000 MOH Channels 6 256 UMS Channels/Conference Channels 32/32 64/64 SIP Trunks/Total Trunks 128/256 512/512 Redundancy Network Y Y Power Optional N/A System N/A Active-Standby, Active-Active Dimensions Dimensions 1u (441.5 x 352 x 44mmWxDxH) 1u (431 X 393.7 X 42.6mmWxDxH) CANON SCANNER CASH BACK EXTENDED Go to page 10 for more information about the extended cash back and where to buy. Celebrating 20 years of Canon imageFORMULA document scanners INSIDE: KINGSWOOD MEDIA 2018 EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARDS SPECIAL