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Article TiTLE 01732 759725 Ad Exertis Call our specialist sales teams Basingstoke 01256 707070 Burnley 01282 776776 Don’t take a chance. Downloading pirated software can hurt more than just your business. Downloading pirated software can be tempting. You may think that using it doesn’t hurt anyone. But weigh the risks, and you’ll see it’s no bargain. The perceived “savings” of using pirated software can be wiped out in a single security breach or critical incident resulting in downtime and other expensive remedies. The risks of using pirated software can be devastating and may not even be apparent right away. Major problems can show up later when you realize you’ve been exposed to a virus, you’ve lost data, or even worse, had your vital information stolen because of malware that was embedded into the software you downloaded. Here are some simple things to look for to keep yourself safe: Beware of downloading software online from unknown sources The software is likely to be pirated or illegally distributed if: • The price seems significantly less than other sources, • The software asks you to download files to complete activation • Your PC already has the software activated for you Avoid “too good to be true” deals and wasting valuable time and money. Only purchase software from known and trusted sources. Your reputation and your data are too important to risk. Find out more about playing it safe and smart at: Did you know: 33% when they obtain and install a pirated software package or buy a PC with pirated software on it. 1 chance of encountering malware Consumers and enterprises have a Much of this malware is created by criminal organizations with illegal financial gain, data theft, espionage, or other mayhem in mind. 1 1 IDC Whitepaper #247411: The Link between Pirated Software and Cybersecurity Breaches. How Malware in Pirated Software Is Costing the World Billions