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33 PREDICTIONS EXN INSERT Kick Start Your Fortinet Business With Ready-Made Marketing Campaigns targeting SMBs Secure Connectivity Campaign Protect data across the network, enable secure cloud access and safely add devices with Fortinet’s Secure Connectivity. Teleworker Solutions Campaign Enable secure access to critical resources to support a remote workforce with little or no notice while scaling to meet customer demands. Secure Web Gateway Campaign Time for a secure web gateway refresh? Fortinet delivers an integrated, high- performance solution that protects against web threats without compromising user experience. Secure SD-WAN Campaign Tap into the huge Secure SD-WAN opportunity with promotional tools available in the SD-WAN Hub in our Partner Portal. SMB Ransomware Campaign Attackers are taking advantage of the pandemic. Help prospects better protect themselves from Ransomware during a time of elevated risk. Retail PCI Compliance Campaign For retailers, the requirements of PCI DSS and PCI SSF may seem daunting. A holistic, strategic approach to security can solve for security, compliance, and customer experience.